Save your bouquet

Dear brides, if you missed the opportunity to store your bridal bouquet, then we have the solution! We can reorder your bridal bouquet from our local florist and preserve it for you. For this we only need the names of the types of flowers in your bridal bouquet and ideally a picture of the bouquet. Feel free to contact us about this!

OR did you dry your bridal bouquet yourself after the wedding? Are you wondering what you can do with it now? Don't let him get dusty! Save your bridal bouquet! We design and create one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, preserved epoxy keepsakes of your dried bridal bouquet.

It's not too late to immortalize your bridal bouquet forever! The solution is just a click away:

Email: or via WhatsApp: +49 2104 2009849

Do you have flowers from other special occasions that you want to keep? Here, too, we are happy to be active for you.